Baked Potatoes with Broccoli & “Cheese” Sauce

And now for some hot, hearty (not to mention heart-healthy) winter time food: baked potatoes!  Did you know that Russet potatoes derive 9% of their calories from protein?  And broccoli will supply you with 33% of its calories from protein.  Plant sources of protein do not come hand in hand with saturated fat and cholesterol….

Millet with Kale & Savory Mushroom Gravy

With all the fresh summer salads and cooled grain dishes I’ve been having lately, I have begun to miss the hearty, hot, savory dishes of winter.  So I made one!  Our garden kale is doing well enough this year for 4 harvests so far.  I chose cremini mushrooms for their flavor and smallish size.  Try…

Tamales with Mole Sauce

Up for a delicious challenge?  Tamales are incredibly yummy, and totally plant-based.  The corn flour and bean filling is complemented perfectly by a rich mole sauce with the character of roasted poblano pepper.  The reward is great for preparing this dish–which is no easy task.  The preparation begins the night before with hojas de tamal…

Black Bean, Arugula, and Brown Rice Salad

I’m thinking of changing my name to either “Beans McGrain” or “Greens McBean,” since my favorite things are beans, greens, and grains!  This salad has all three.  Our farm CSA pickup this week included a huge bag of arugula.  I was thrilled since I now had all the ingredients to make this great grain salad….