Go Veggie! “Mozzarella” Shreds

This "healthy food" is using a marketing technique called green-screening where packaging is meant to give the impression of health for people or the environment
This “healthy food” is using a marketing technique called green-screening where packaging is meant to give the impression of health for people or the environment

Go Veggie!  “Mozzarella” shreds are found in the produce section near vegetarian meat substitutes and tofu.  This product might look healthy, but a closer look at the ingredients list reveals just how unhealthy it is!

This faux-cheese actually contains casein, an animal protein derived from milk.  If you have seen the “Forks Over Knives” documentary or have read “The China Study” then you know that casein is the particular protein found in animal meat and milk that encourages cancer growth.  So what’s the “veggie” in “Go Veggie?”  It’s “soy base” made with soy protein isolate.

Isolates are distillations of a single nutrient from food.  Soy protein isolate is derived from soy beans.  Seems good, right?  But when you isolate a single nutrient from food you discard all of the other nutrients and fiber from the food.  Our bodies are perfectly capable of selecting the nutrients they need from the food we eat, without our help.  We don’t need to isolate nutrients and selectively feed them to our bodies.

Here's another example of green-screening
Here’s another example of green-screening

The next three ingredients in the mozzarella shreds are:

Canola oil

Modified food starch (sugar)


Whole foods, plant-based eaters beware!  This cheese substitute is made from an isolated nutrient, milk, oil, sugar, and salt, in that order.  Go Veggie! is definitely not plant-strong!

I don’t usually like vegetarian or vegan food substitutes, unless I make them myself at home.  For example I make veggie burgers for lunches during the week, but I don’t buy fake ground beef.  I prefer to use any old vegetable, bean, or grain, season it up, form into patties and bake.  It’s cheaper and tastes better!

Full ingredients list
Full ingredients list

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  1. danidoll117 says:

    I’m researching this right now for a blog post I’m writing. The Go Veggie website states “No, we do not use any ingredients with animal rennet (the enzymes used to clot milk during the cheese-making process). The casein in our GO Veggie! Lactose Free products is made with microbial enzymes.” Find out more at http://www.positivecircle.me –> What exactly are microbial enzymes and is the label stating all the facts?

    1. Chelsea says:

      Good question! I’m no expert but from a cursory google of “casein microbial enzyme” it would appear that casein can be extracted or hydrolized from cow’s milk by microbes (bacteria). If indeed bacteria produce the casein without cow’s milk for animal-centric purposes the casein still comes from living beings. Vegans therefore might object. For health-centric purposes casein is casein whether it comes from cow’s milk or bacterial excretion. It’s the animal protein that T. Colin Campbell identifies as able to activate and grow cancerous cells. Whole, plant-based eaters might therefore object.

      Hope that helps. Keep us updated, love to read your findings.

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